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Hacked! Gabrielle Union, Rihanna and Meagan Good The Latest Victims

Originally posted on Black America Web:

An anonymous hacker has struck again and this time more Black actresses were the victims. A week or so ago, an anonymous hacker released a series of photos of celebrity women including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, actress/model Kate Upton and several other actresses and athletes. Singer/actress Jill Scott was one of them, although she later said that one of the photos wasn’t her.

In this latest hack, uploaded as the first ones were, to the website 4chan, which is known as a hangout for hackers and various web subcultures, nude photos reportedly taken by Gabrielle Union,Meagan Good and Rihanna were posted online.

As Rihanna has been hacked in the past and has taken naked photos and posted them online herself (leading to her being banned from Instagram) she didn’t release any statement, but recently married Union responded by reporting the violation to the FBI. She and husband Dwyane Wade…

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Little Known Black History Fact: Ethel Waters

Originally posted on Black America Web:

Ethel Waters was a pioneering singer, actress and entertainer that endured several hardships along with measurable successes. According to some historical accounts, Ms. Waters is the first Black woman nominated for an Emmy Award and the first to star on network television.

Born October 31, 1896 in Chester, Pennsylvania., Waters was born into poverty under unfortunate circumstances as her teenage mother was raped by an older man. Living from home to home, Waters and her mother struggled mightily. At age 13, she was married to an abusive husband but escaped his clutches at 14. Thinking that becoming a maid was the best she could do, she became a domestic.

At age 17, however, her fortunes changed. At the urging of friends at nightclub in Philadelphia, Waters took to the stage and impressed the owners so much that she earned a gig at Baltimore’s Lincoln Theater. As a tall, slender woman…

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Janet Hubert Desires ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Reunion in James Avery’s Memory

Originally posted on Black America Web:

A while back, Janet Hubert voiced a desire for a reunion of the cast of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” to thegrio.com and it went by without any major effort.

In the wake of the death of her former castmate, James Avery in 2013, Hubert is reigniting the call for the cast to come together one last time in his memory via thegrio.

“The last time I was here I said, ‘let’s do a reunion.’ That never happened,” said the actress, who is still mourning the loss of her TV husband . “I can’t control that. I’m sorry that never happened, and now it never will, and that makes me sad.”

“It’s hard because you realize that we wasted a lot of time with a lot of bulls**t.,” she continued. “Will [Smith] is the only person that can make that happen, and I think he should. I think in…

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Diddy’s Network Viewership Not Growing: Low Ratings, Less Money

Originally posted on Black America Web:

He may have just spent $40 mil on an LA mansion, but Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ fledgling network, Revolt TV, is … fledgling.

Simply put, the music channel is having big problems reaching a sizable audience to really make it an economically viable contender.

Revolt, which will celebrate it’s one year anniversary in October, is having trouble expanding its reach beyond its original 25 million household base because the consolidation in the cable industry has made it a lot harder to convince other cable companies to pick the channel up, reports the NY Post.

As you can imagine, no growth is a formula for money problems. That means Revolt is having a severe cash crunch according to several TV industry executives.

Cable channels typically cost around $100 million to get launched. Without additional carriage, or cable outlets,Revolt TV is finding it challenging to bring in a wider swath of advertisers.


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Choreographer Sues Cher for Racial Discrimination

Originally posted on Black America Web:

A choreographer is suing Cher for racial discrimination, claiming she kept him from casting a “minority female dancer” because she felt there were already too many black dancers on the tour.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Kevin Wilson tried to cast the dance for Cher’s Dressed 2 Kill tour, but the 68-year-old replied: “We have too much color on stage.”

Wilson goes on to allege that he was told to “not cast anymore dark skinned black dancers on the tour” and instead find someone white and blonde.

The choreographer additionally claims that he was fired alongside two other people for speaking out about a male dancer who allegedly became sexually aggressive with a female fan following a concert in Louisville in June. Wilson alleges that the dancer in question remained in the tour.

He is claiming racial discrimination and retaliation in the lawsuit.

The choreographer states the three…

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Keyshia Cole’s Attack Victim Wasn’t Bangin Birdman She Was Assisting Him!

Originally posted on 92 Q:

Birdman Accused Of Liability In Sex Assault Lawsuit (thumbnail)

The blogs went crazy after Keyshia Cole allegedly attacked some chick for hooking up with her “man” Birdman but did Keyshia jump to fast? According to sources the chick Keyshia attacked was actually just trying to use the bathroom and is apparently on Birdmans payroll, so the ER beat down doesn’t seem like it was called for. Get the full updates below.

TMZ reports, 

“The girl Keyshia Cole allegedly assaulted for spending the night at her rumored BF’s house says she’s not Birdman’s side piece … and she has no idea why Keyshia would think they’re banging.

Sources privy to the case tell us … the alleged victim is Sabrina Mercadel — a Cash Money employee for more than a decade — and she’s known Birdman since they were young.”

We’re told Sabrina was not alone with Birdman at his West L.A. condo … 4 others were present when Keyshia came…

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Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos: Will She Be Fired From X-Men? The Truth

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Jennifer Lawrence has been victimized once again by a hacker intent on releasing stolen nude photos of female celebrities. Considering that one of the photos allegedly shows Jennifer in a compromising position in her Mystique makeup, many have questioned whether her role in future ‘X-Men’ films will be safe. HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE truth.

It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Lawrence, 24, is being punished once again by the hacker behind the facetiously-titled “The Fappening Part 2″ after a spate of new photos were released of the actress allegedly in a number of compromising positions. One of said photos allegedly has Jen in her X-Men makeup as Mystique, and many fans have wondered whether Jennifer’s future with the franchise has been compromised.

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#FEEDME: Are Erica Mena & Bow Wow Engaged? [PHOTOS]

Originally posted on 92 Q:

In new rumor news Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena & Bow Wow are not only a couple but their an engaged couple…. The alleged newly engaged couple were spotted at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards and Erica looked very cozy with her new ring!

Both Erica & Bow posted ring pics on their Instagram check out the photos below….

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Keyshia Cole’s Attack Victim Wasn’t Bangin Birdman She Was Assisting Him!

Hackers Leak More Nudes Of Rihanna & Kim Kardashian! [PHOTOS]

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