passion in photos -by donna r morris

photography has long been a love and passion of mine .photographs captures moments in time that can be easily lost erased from our minds.but held by photos.the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words ” holds true to me.i have a large amount of photos in bins and crates.i know in this day and age with social media and digital age gadgets printed photos are somewhat a lost form for many.for me its simply priceless to go through old photos .with that said i have found to my satisfaction my eldest daughter has taken a liking to photography.i will encourage her here by showing her work now and in upcoming girls pick up new passions often but im hoping this will become a life long one .i have loved it so i took some classes at com on photography in my 20 s . i encourage all creativity.i realized i dont have many photos of my self from my youth as i was behind the camera.but now at this age i have so many great!! i wish i had more from the younger days.but loves it all the same10555138_332343350249621_1473003206_n10566494_332343356916287_1822968353_n10555138_332343363582953_1166857772_n photography b10564893_332343360249620_1917174592_nby bridgette                                                                                   desantiago


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