summer days of childhood -by donna morris

memories of childhood summers keep flooding back to my mind.seeing my children and thinking of how they will perhaps remember there own childhood .how they being in the midst of it may not fully grasp how great it truly reminded of playing outside all day until the sun goes down .eating popsicles,sno cones watermelon,pickles candy and soda pop .everything tasted better outside.going down to the beach sand between my toes.things i no longer care for though were exciting to my child self.i see my children and there friends and my hope and prayer is that they have many fond memories of the childhood summers also. that are so most cases you get more as a adult than as a child .i encourage this generation and the next to not take  for granted the carefree summers .youth will pass away 10516944_332348203582469_87588925_n10576932_332348206915802_413555988_n1082088_222640011219956_1030497767_o .you will no longer play outside as much,feel the cool water and laugh for no reason from way down deep inside  at the slightest thing or nothing at all in particular.just plain giddy i no longer roll down hills,play in the grass ,swing to my highest point .simply feel gods great work nature at its finest in all its splendor .just to be simply happy and overjoyed.the long lazy days of summer i will too enjoy through the eyes of my children.


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