jheri curls

having had a jheri curl as a child.i have over the years asked my mother why would black people pay to have chemicals and small curlers in their hair to get tight curls.the same curls that god has already given to us.as i have been growing my own naturally curly hair for the past three years. the insanity of ever having had to endure the pain,burning that smell.oh yes my clothes and pillow cases.even more disturbing than all of these things is the fact thata8004d7f8c3b80bdcb3a8aa7447f4a3c this jheri curl torture was created by a white chemist and stylist robert william “jheri”redding makes it a little more ridiculous.but i did love all the ads for the juices as i call it.shout out ebony magazine.but now i cant get my afro back lol. this evidently is a conspiracy just kidding ill just put this in my file of many epic hairstyle fails.stay blessed ,never stress its just a test


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