Vogue Thinks We’re Officially In The Era Of The Big Booty & We’re Like OMG White Women, Stop!


jlo-iggy“As we await the premiere of Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azaleas new music video, it would appear that the big booty has officially become ubiquitous.” -Vogue Magazine

(Editor’s Note: Let us too start with a premise statement: Black women have big booties. We have always had big booties. Black men love big booties. They call themselves ass men, where as White men have traditionally preferred boobs. Black men say this because Black women have big booties. Not having a big booty as a Black girl is kind of like how White girls all dye their hair at 12. It’s legitimately a thing. Yep, Big butts. That’s our thing. Having, loving and celebrating butts has been a Black thing so long, you can mostly credit us with inventing it. Because pretty much, we did. – Leigh Davenport, Editorial Director)

Congrats Vogue, you have realized for the first time ever, that booties–scratch…

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