New Video Emerges in Michael Brown Killing

Black America Web

A few days ago, there were reports that two construction workers near the scene of the Mike Brown shooting witnessed Brown being shot by Officer Darren Wilson. The white workers, who declined to be identified, said they saw Brown put his hands up before being gunned down.

Now, there is video that supports their testimony. CNN has obtained real-time video shot by an unknown source that appears to show the two men directly after the shooting. One of the workers can be seen gesturing and saying that Brown had his hands up when shot.

Micheal Brown, 18, was shot in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th. His death has touched off protest that continue today, as Wilson has remained in hiding and has yet to be arrested. The shooting prompted a response from The White House, who sent Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson and to put federal investigators on theā€¦

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