electronic cigarettes

A year ago i decided to quit smoking.After a long 25 year smoking habit that had caused asthma .i knew i had to quit for me and my children.the last day of this nasty habit.i went to the store to get what i hoped and prayed would be the last time i bought a pack of reds.i smoked the whole pack in six hours.i then went to buy an electronic cig.from a gas station begining my journey.things went well until that e cig burnt out.i went through six other brands before doing some research .i came upon the v2 e cig online and ordered a starter kit.i could not wait for it to be delivered .the e cig i had the day it was delivered actually stopped working just an hour prior.needless to say being only 4 months in i was about to give in.but the v2 e cigs have in my opinion the best so  far for me anyway.thank god i feel,breathe,and look better.i am also not having to be away from children to go smoke loves it *phone 095


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