Bad girls club

tonights the night bad girls club


The bad girls club 12 reunion has shown that the fights continue outside the house.Grudges are often worsened by twitter wars and other social media outlets. brought to a head at the reunion .and unleashed on each other .i cant wait for part two to see “redd” and what or on who she has to unleash on.but natalie-nunn-e1281533116835 im looking forward to BGC 13 season even more.with the return of some the favs from past seasons.BGC 13 promises to be the best yet.with reports of a fight between natalie nunn season 4 and alyssa”redd”carswell season an avid fan of BGC it will be great see different seasons strong personalities come together in the house.said to be returning are natalie season 4,redd and jada season 12,camilla and dani season season 8,julie season 9, judi season 7, sarah season 11 and rocky season 10 cant wait*

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