Memorial Day; Remembering My Daddy the Soldier

As a child I loved to hear old stories from my parents.The stories rush back to my mind often.My dad did not talk much , at times however he told great stories.I remember them all,he told of his adventure’s while in the airforce.the wonderful people he got to meet in so many countries around the world. to name a few.

Just recently my mother and I had all the home movie reels converted to dvd’s.Getting to see so much of what I had only heard about.Was such a joy to see his life before he had my siblings and I .Before he had my mother as a matter of fact.

Made the stories that much more vivid. IMG_20150524_132025

He served this country proudly.At a time when this country did not serve him proudly.For that and many other things.I salute you dear father on this memorial day 2015.

Good Job soldier ,rest in perfect peace img20150524_14585487

Happy memorial day to all the mighty and proud soldiers who serve and protect this country every day.


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2 thoughts on “Memorial Day; Remembering My Daddy the Soldier

  1. Linda May 24, 2015 at 10:22 pm Reply

    Beautiful post..

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